J. Youden & Co.


B/W Advertisement for J. Youden & Co., 'Glasgow Building Trades Exchange', 1898, p. 216

John Youden worked for some years for Emley & Sons of 10 Bothwell Street, a tile and marble company, before setting up next door in 1894 as the company's successor, with an identical entry in the Glasgow Post Office Directory. John Youden & Co. had showrooms in Bothwell Street and a marble works in St Vincent Lane, specialising in tile and marble work for fireplace surrounds and kitchen ranges as well as larger works such as steamships and public buildings. 1 A significant early contract was in 1894 for the tile work at the People's Palace and Winter Gardens. 2 In 1899 Youden & Co. became a limited company. 3 In 1910 their main office and showroom moved to Hope Street, and the marble works to Cathedral Street. John Youden Junior (born c. 1878) officially joined his father's business in name in 1912–13: it shortly afterwards moved offices to West Regent Street, with marble works at Argyle Street, then Milton Street. As John Youden & Son Ltd, they were responsible for the marble and tile work of the staircases, columns and wall linings of the Kelvin Hall, opened in 1927. 4 At some point, John Youden Junior took over as managing director, although the firm retained its former title. He died in Bearsden in 1943, aged 65. His obituary mentions his many associations in building and shipbuilding circles, as well as his accomplishments as hockey player, rower and organist. 5 Between 1912 and 1973 the company was dissolved and reformed three times, until its final closure in 1978. 6

B/W Advertisement for J. Youden & Co., 'Glasgow Building Trades Exchange', 1898, p. 139


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