James Spy


James Spy (born c. 1836) was a stonemason from the tiny village of Row (now Rhu) on the Gareloch, near Helensburgh. His father Isaac (also a stonemason) and an uncle, Aaron (a shoemaker), had moved there from Clackmannanshire, in central Scotland, before 1841. In 1861, James was a journeyman mason; by 1871 he had several employees and was married. 1 By 1899, James's eldest son Isaac was advertising his own separate mason firm, and another son, William, an apprentice stonemason, had joined his father to form 'James Spy & Son'. 2

Spy built and sold villas, let holiday accommodation in Row during the traditional Glasgow Fair holidays in July and served on the Helensburgh Parish Council. 3 He was also a keen member of Helensburgh and Gareloch Horticultural Society. 4


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