Mather & Platt


B/W Advertisement for Mather & Platt, 'Specification for Architects, Surveyors and Engineers when Specifying', 1914, p.144

Mather & Platt were engineers and machine makers based at the Salford Iron Works, Lancashire. They began as millwrights to the local textile trade, and expanded into the production of cloth-printing equipment and pumps used for cotton-bleaching boilers. In the 1880s, their fireproofing division was licensed to make sprinklers for use in cotton mills and their electrical department manufactured Edison-Hopkinson dynamos. 1 They also specialised in building 'machinery for bleaching, printing ... and finishing cotton and linen', effluent treatment and town water-supply plant. 2

William Morton was 'sole proprietor' of Mather & Platt from 1871, and was elected an MP in 1889. 3 As Chairman, he formed a limited company in 1899 to unite his own firm with Dowson, Taylor, agents for 'the Grinnell sprinkler, for the automatic extinction of fires'. 4 Mather & Platt were represented by a Glasgow agent from the early 1880s, and opened their own dedicated Glasgow office after 1900. 5

Among their Scottish projects were the supply of plant to the Strathclyde Calico Printing Works in Dalmarnock, Glasgow; water purification for Blanefield bleachworks, Stirlingshire; switchboards for Edinburgh Council's electricity station in McDonald Road (1899); and dynamos for the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College. 6 Glasgow company Mirrlees, Watson & Yaryan acquired Mather & Platt's manufacturing rights to certain American inventions 'in connection with evaporation and distillation' in 1889. 7 The company's pump division continued in India into the 21st century. 8

B/W Advertisement for Mather &  Platt


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