J. G. Carrick & Co.

Ventilation contractors

James Carrick was an employee of established tinsmiths James McHaffie in 1883–4, when he took over the company, based at Glasgow Metallic Works, Calderwood Street, off Parliamentary Road. 1 About 1895 they moved to 23 North Wallace Street, where they made street lamps, packing cases, ventilators, 'oil casks ... and packages of every description in tin, zinc'. 2 In 1901, their contracts included supplying 500 typewriter covers to a Shettleston factory at 4s 9d each. 3 By 1905, they had expanded into printing and decorating on tin, and Carrick had moved to the up-and-coming professional suburb of Bearsden. 4 In the 1930s, they advertised their sheet metal containers to include electrical wiring junction boxes, and were still trading in 2005. 5


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