James Caird & Co.


Caird Drive in Partick is named for master plasterer James Caird (c. 1828–1914), a native of Kirkcudbright, who was first a councillor, and then Provost of the independent Police Burgh of Partick from 1891 to 1898. 1

As a youth Caird joined the family plastering business, led by his uncle William Caird, which traded in the Garnethill area of Glasgow from the 1830s. 2 By 1846, the business was based in Hope Street, where in 1868 its cement store collapsed 'with a crash which startled the neighbourhood'. 3 By the early 1870s the business had moved to 82 Wellington Street. By the early 1890s it was trading as 'James Caird & Co.', cement-workers and merchants, modellers and pavement-layers. 4 It seems to have been taken over by George Rome around 1891–2.

By the time he became Provost, Caird resided in a large house, Collingwood, in Partickhill. As Provost, he was invited to lay the foundation stone for the council chambers for the neighbouring Burgh of Whiteinch in 1894. 5


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