Student design for a public hall

Description: Plans and perspective of student design for a public hall, reproduced in British Architect, 34, 28 November 1890, pp.402, 406–7
Dimensions: unknown
Scale: –
Date: [1890]
Drawn by: Mackintosh
Medium: unknown
Support: unknown
Marks: –
Collection: Unknown: original drawing(s) untraced

Where a drawing cannot be ascribed to a specific individual but is known to have been produced by staff of the practice, it has been described as 'Office' drawing.
The following abbreviations are used: s.: signed; inscr.: inscribed; d.: dated; t.: top; b.: bottom; r.: right; l.: left; c.: centre; N.: North; S.: South; E.: East; W.: West; rep.: denotes an inscription which is reproduced, not handwritten.

Photograph of  - drawing no. M027-001

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