Additions and alterations to Mavor & Coulson Engineering Works

M217 Additions and alterations to Mavor & Coulson Engineering Works

Address: 47, Broad Street (between Brook Street and King Street), Glasgow
Date: 1902–4; 1905–6: 1911–16
Client: Mavor & Coulson, Electrical Engineers
Authorship: Authorship category 4 (Office) (Office)

Between 1902 and 1916, Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh carried out extensive work for Mavor & Coulson at their engineering works in Glasgow's East End. A total of nine phases is recorded in the architects' job books from which seven completed jobs emerge. Several of these ran concurrently in 1912–14. Four sets of drawings survive; two of these sets correspond to work carried out.

Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh's additions and alterations to the premises do not appear to survive. Industrial architect Andrew Myles's 1896–7 work for Mavor & Coulson, a long and narrow brick building with cast-iron internal structure, large arched window and dentilled cornice on its gable end to Broad Street, is a significant and rare survivor of Glasgow's industrial heritage and is listed. 1

Mackintosh does not appear to have been involved in the work at the engineering works. However, in 1921–2, he did design a cover and titles for Mavor & Coulson's journal Machine Mining, though the cover was thought too artistic and was not used. This late commission may have come about through mutual friends of Mackintosh and Henry A. Mavor, Francis H. ('Fra') Newbery and Robert Macaulay Stevenson, who would have known of Mackintosh's difficult financial circumstances in London, and like Walter W. Blackie, may have sought to help their friend by sending work in his direction. 2

Between 1909 and 1914, Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh also carried out work at Henry Mavor's private house at 3 Windsor Circus.

Authorship: This is one of over 270 jobs carried out in the office ofJohn Honeyman & Keppie (Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh from 1901) during Mackintosh's time there. Mackintosh undoubtedly worked on many of these, but there is no specific evidence for his involvement in this case.

Alternative addresses:
47 King Street
41 Broad Street
47 Broad Street
Redan Street

Cost from office job book: Phase 1: £260 8s 10d; Phase 2: no payments recorded; Phase 3: £75 10s 0d; Phse 4: no payments recorded; Phase 5: £121 3s 0d; Phase 6: £4127 5s 6d; Phase 7: £989 4s 3d; Phase 8: £154 17s 6d; Phase 9: £4261 0s 10d

Status: Demolished

Listing category: B: Listed as '41 Broad Street (Engineering Works)' 3

Historic Scotland/HB Number: 33628 4

RCAHMS Site Number: NS66SW 514 5

Grid Reference: NS 6096 6425 (centre of block containing Mavor & Coulson's engineering works)

GPS coordinates: lat = 55.851344, lng = -4.222550   (Map)


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