Competition design for the Usher Hall, Edinburgh

M301 Competition design for the Usher Hall, Edinburgh

Address: Lothian Road, Edinburgh
Date: 1910
Client: Edinburgh City Council
Authorship: Authorship category 4 (Office) (Office)

In 1896 the wealthy Edinburgh-based whisky distiller, Andrew Usher, gifted £100,000 to the City of Edinburgh for the construction of a city hall, with a capacity of 3000 people, and in which music would be performed and enjoyed. Difficulties over securing a site delayed the project; the design competition was not announced until April 1910. Sir Aston Webb was assessor with the City architect, I. A. Williamson. 1 The final site was in the heart of the city, between Castle Terrace and Lothian Road. 130 entries were received. The winners, with a classical Beaux-Arts design, were Stockdale Harrison and Sons and Howard H. Thomson of Leicester. 2 The completed building was officially opened on 16 March 1914.

Authorship: Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh appear to have submitted a design for the competition: Alexander McGibbon was paid six guineas on 9 November 1910 for 'Usher hall', presumably a perspective. 3 No further information has come to light to determine what if any involvement Mackintosh had in the submission.

Cost from office job book:

Status: Unbuilt


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