Alterations to Rosslea, Rhu (Row)

M006 Alterations to Rosslea, Rhu (Row)

Address: Ferry Road, Rhu (Row) G84 8NF
Date: 1888–9
Client: Alexander Dennistoun
Authorship: Authorship category 4 (Office) (Office)

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The following information about M006 has been extracted from the job books:

Job book: 53059
Page: 89

Client: Alex Dennistoun


Contractor Type Address Date Value Accepted
James Spy no data in job book   1888 £135 0s 0d 1 yes
(no data in job book)

Payments (trades):

Name Type Payment out sum
James Spy no data in job book Payment date: 20 February 1889
£140 14s 2d



1: for 'drawing room'.