Glasgow Herald exhibition stand

M312 Glasgow Herald exhibition stand

Address: Palace of Industries, Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow
Date: 1911
Client: George Outram &. Co.
Authorship: Authorship category 4 (Office) (Office)

This was the Glasgow Herald's contribution to the Scottish Exhibition of National History, Art and Industry, a celebration of Scottish identity and achievement held in Kelvingrove Park from May to November 1911. 1 The Herald stand was included in the Palace of Industries, one of several large temporary buildings erected for the exhibition. Its contents were described by the newspaper as follows:

The growth of local journalism as well as the growth of shipping in the Clyde, is illustrated in the Palace of Industries by an interesting exhibit by the proprietors of "The Glasgow Herald". A machine used to print the newspaper in the late years of the eighteenth century is shown. The journal, out of which has developed the leading Scottish newspaper, was then known as "The Glasgow Advertiser," and was modest in dimensions and enterprise. The only known copy of the first number, which is shown here, is dated 1783. By way of contrast there is the newspaper of today; and two of the linotype machines used in its production are to be seen in operation, not the least of the many mechanical triumphs at Kelvingrove. 2

There is no visual evidence for the appearance of the exhibition stand, and no documentary evidence to indicate who in Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh's office designed it.



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