Alterations to The Red House, Johnstone

M290 Alterations to The Red House, Johnstone

Address: 29, Auchengreoch Avenue, Johnstone PA5 0RJ
Date: 1908–9
Client: A. B. McKechnie
Authorship: Authorship category 4 (Office) (Office)

Names of clients, contractors and suppliers, taken from the job book entries.
Biographies are provided for those who appear in two or more projects.


  • A. B. McKechnie


  • Alexander Craig, joiner
  • M. Campbell Duff & Sons, measurers
  • D. J. Hutchison & Son, plasterers
  • James Kirkpatrick & Sons, plumbers
  • Daniel McCallum, mason and brickwork contractor
  • A. McKay & Co., cabinetmakers
  • A. Shaw & Sons, slaters