Competition design for the Glasgow International Exhibition 1901

M153 Competition design for the Glasgow International Exhibition 1901

Address: Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow
Date: 1898
Client: Glasgow International Exhibition Association
Authorship: Authorship category 1 (Mackintosh) (Mackintosh)

Colour photograph of design for Industrial Hall for 1901 Glasgow International Exhibition

This was John Honeyman & Keppie's unsuccessful entry in the design competition for buildings to house the Glasgow International Exhibition 1901 in Kelvingrove Park. The surviving drawings are for the main exhibition building (the Industrial Hall), concert hall (the Grand Hall), refreshment rooms and a pedestrian bridge over the River Kelvin. All are in a highly individual style, with few references to historical precedent.

Authorship: The design was submitted in the name of John Honeyman & Keppie, but there is good evidence that it was the work of Mackintosh. The proposed buildings share many stylistic features with the Glasgow School of Art, Ruchill Free Church Halls and other projects firmly ascribed to him. The drawings are unmistakably in his hand. His role was acknowledged when the drawing of the N. elevation was shown at the Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts in 1899, inscribed with his name alongside John Honeyman & Keppie's.

Alternative addresses:
Dumbarton Road
Gray Street
Sandyford Street

Status: Unbuilt

Grid Reference: NS 5690 6616

GPS coordinates: lat = 55.867303, lng = -4.288354   (Map)