Mackintosh Architecture: Bibliography

This bibliography cites the principal references for further information about Mackintosh's architecture and the context within which his architecture was developed. For references related to a specific architectural project, see the Bibliography tab within the relevant project entry. Bibliographic references are also contained within biographies, see People browse. Additional information on resources used during the research phase of the project can be found in the research section of the essay, About the Project.

Mackintosh Architecture     ^

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Context     ^

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Buildings of Scotland     ^

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Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society     ^

The Mackintosh Society's Newsletter (1973–2007) and subsequently Journal (2008 f.) contains a wealth of useful articles and updates on the Mackintosh heritage and its wider context. These are regularly cited in project entries and biographies. Access is currently limited, but an online index is planned and back copies can be ordered through the Society.

Non-architectural work by Mackintosh     ^

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