a) Interior schemes designed by Mackintosh which did not involve structural work and are therefore not included in the Catalogue, but which included fixtures and fittings as well as loose furniture and wall decoration.

MX.04. Interiors for 120 Mains Street, 1900
[MX.04] 120 Mains Street, Glasgow, interiors
Authorship category 1
MX.01. Design for a library in a Glasgow house, 1894
[MX.01] Library design, Glasgow
Authorship category 1
MX.02. Dining room for Hugo Bruckmann, Munich, 1898
[MX.02] Bruckmann dining room, Munich
Authorship category 1
MX.03. Interiors for Westdel, 2 Queen's Place, 1898
[MX.03] Westdel, Glasgow
Authorship category 1
MX.05. Interiors for Dunglass Castle, Bowling, Dunbartonshire, 1900
[MX.05] Dunglass
Authorship category 1
MX.06. Interiors for 14 Kingsborough Gardens, 1901
[MX.06] Kingsborough Gardens, Glasgow
Authorship category 1
MX.07. Interiors at a house in Cologne, Germany, Unknown
[MX.07] Cologne interiors
Authorship category 1

b) Projects previously attributed to Mackintosh

MX.08. Alterations and additions to Robinsfield, Bardowie, c. 1895; c. 1910
[MX.08] Robinsfield, Bardowie
c. 1895; c. 1910
MX.09. Competition design for Manchester Library and Art Gallery, 1911
[MX.09] Manchester Library and Art Gallery
Authorship category 4
MX.10. Pinehurst, 1912–14
[MX.10] Pinehurst, Glasgow